Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you explain what a broodmare sire is please?

The correct way to describe a horse's sire (father) and dam (mother) is to say "the horse's name" is "by the sire's name" and "out of the dam's name", then you say the dam's sire "by the dam sire's name".  For example:
"Secretariat" is by "Bold Ruler" out of "Somethingroyal" by "Princequillo".  So Secretariat's father is Bold Ruler, his mother is Somethingroyal and his mother's father is Princequillo. 
The "dam sire" is also spoken of as a "broodmare sire" and can be an important consideration when buying or breeding a horse.  See http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/thoroughbred-breeding/sire-lists/broodmare which is a ranking of broodmare sires.


Anonymous said...

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amy4hsales said...

This site is on Blogger.com and they say that they are not completely compatible with Opera. Thanks for making the comment so maybe at least some of the issues can be fixed eventually.