Monday, October 16, 2006

How to find out about a horse's bloodlines

? How can I find out about the bloodlines of a thoroughbred? I entered a raffle to win a 2 year old filly, I know her name and her sire and dam, but would like a more detailed pedigree. Also if I win the horse how can I get more information about her background and training, and how do I proceed after that?

You can go to and get a pedigree report using a credit card. If you win the horse, ask the raffle organizers for contact info for whoever had the filly before the raffle, so you or your trainer can ask about the background of the filly. Probably if you win there will be no problem getting all the info you need on the filly, and there will likely be plenty of trainers around offering their services to help you with the horse. Your trainer can arrange to transport the horse, if you don't have a trainer lined up then definately do that first. The horse will come with the original registration papers which include a basic pedigree. The horse's papers are required to be on file at the racetrack where the horse will run, so generally the trainer gets the papers along with the horse when the horse is delivered, and they submit those papers to the racetrack secretary. The racing secretary keeps the papers on file until the horse is shipped to another track. I could go on and on but I'll stop there.

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