Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why run a horse in a cheap claiming race

? Why would someone want to run their horse in a claiming race knowing that there may be an individual ( Like me ) or a trainer who may claim him?

Can a throughbred be purchased any time of the year from Keeneland?

- You would run a horse in a cheap claiming race even though it might get claimed because you have a chance to win the race and get the winner's share of the purse, plus the claiming price, thus likely making a very nice profit. Keeneland and Fasig Tipton have sales throughout the year, there is one every few months. But again you need your trainer to advise you on whether to claim, purchase privately, or at auction. Their recommendations may depend on where and when you will be racing the horse, and how much money you are willing to spend on a horse.

Remember it costs as much to take care of a cheap horse as a more expensive one, the real expense is the daily care and training. With several partners a new owner can put in $5000 initially and get a pretty nice quality horse, plus split the costs of training and board.

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