Thursday, September 14, 2006

how and when to obtain a throughbred

? The biggest question now is how and when to obtain a throughbred. That answer seems like it may come from a trainer but I do wonder how one can get a trainer without having a horse up front, and if trainers are willing to search for a horse on my behalf. For example, should I find a trainer that I wish to work with out of Arlington, would they be willing to go to Keeneland to obtain a horse?

- I'd say most trainers would rather start a relationship with an owner by helping the owner claim or purchase an appropriate horse rather than getting a horse that someone else picked out that may not be suited for a profitable level of racing. And yes many trainers from your part of the country will be at Keeneland to buy horses this month, but the Keeneland Sept sale is Yearlings, so they are a year away from racing (or more). Probably best to try to claim a horse or buy a horse privately that is ready to run. Most trainers have owners that are always willing to go in as partners on a new horse or who are looking for a partner on a horse they already own (to help share expenses).

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