Monday, July 10, 2006

We want to hear your stories about racing

We want to hear your stories about racing. Tell us what your racing related job or hobby is like, we want to know what your life is like if thoroughbred racing is a big part of your life.

What do you love about racing or your job at the track? What do you hate about it? If you are an owner tell us what is good and bad about owning racehorses. If you have participated in group ownership of a racehorse, tell us what was good and bad about the experience.

Our long term goal is to organize the ideal thoroughbred racing partnership. We need suggestions from you. When we begin to implement your suggestions and organize our partnership we will contact you if you fill out our survey at indicating your interest.

I am Amy Stevens, I'm from Louisville, Kentucky, and I maintain many horse related web sites, most of them racing related, including,, some trainer sites, a couple farms, a couple bloodstock agents, racing related horsemen's organizations including the Kentucky Racing Health and Welfare Fund, and retired racehorse placement program Second Stride.

My husband and partner is trainer Jere R. Smith Jr. from New Orleans, Louisiana. We are both currently working in Saudi Arabia. Jere is employed as trainer for King Abdullah and Sons Stables. We want to put together very well organized thoroughbred racing partnerships to claim or purchase privately when we eventually return to the states. Our goal is to step up where other racing partnerships have failed to provide a fun and profitable experience for the owners.

We still get so many questions from people who want to own a racehorse that we decided to put all these questions and our answers in this Blog. We hope other owners, trainers and anybody with interest in horseracing will also add their comments.

I'm sure there's a few people out there who know me and Jere, so feel free to tell what you know about either of us. Jere in particular has quite a "colorful" history from a lifetime at the track, and we invite any comments, good or bad. Really!

I added a picture, so you can put faces to the names. If anyone would like to contact us privately, my email address is and Jere can be contacted at



Anonymous said...

Amy presented our goals with a "sugar coating", but my way is to claim or buy horses that MAKE MONEY, NOT LOSE MONEY. Making money is priority #1, and making sure owners have a good time is a very close 2nd priority.

There will be no bullshit. I tell my owners like it is, and I do the hard work it takes to win. I always answer my phone and never avoid my owners.

Amy's role is communicator of stable news. She will maintain and distribute to owners detailed reports on all the horses in the stable. We both work to make sure owners have as much involvement with their horses and at the races as they would like to have.

We expect to be back in the states and putting together partnerships at all price levels in 2007. Please post any questions you have for me and I'll be happy to answer here in the Blog.

Please fill out the ownership survey at if you want to be contacted when our partnerships are forming. And please visit my web site at

Jere R. Smith Jr.

amy4hsales said...

My first thought as an owner is "who is going to make money?"

Anonymous said...

I try to choose a horse to claim or buy that can win. If the horse wins, EVERYBODY makes money, and therefore everybody has a good time. I'm not saying that I always pick a winner, but if I have a horse in my barn that can't win I will not drag it out for months taking the owners' money, instead I will advise a sale or donation of the horse to a good home. The idea is to make money over time with many horses - by choosing well, picking the right races, and dropping down in claiming price or selling when appropriate.

All that said, my record over 25 years claiming or buying horses that move up to a higher level and make money is outstanding - if I do say so myself. I fully expect to maintain this excellent track record.