Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Training for the Trainers

The #1 question asked here is "how can I become a trainer"?  In recent years that question has become a little easier to answer due to the "Groom Elite" program.  We're happy to report that there are new classes coming up that include the Trainers' Exam Prep class.  Find out more at

The #2 question asked here is "how can I become an exercise rider at the track"?  The answer to that one is sadly still the same as it ever was, a long work in progress that I detail in this article,

I say the answer is sad because I feel there should be a more formal and affordable course for exercise riders to take before they try to gallop horses at the track.  Something like this really should be required for riders to get a track license. This is very badly needed today as veteran riders are aging and retiring, and young riders are showing up at the racetrack unprepared for that environment.  Accidents are increasing because some new riders don't understand the rules of morning training hours and some don't have the experience to be able to stay aboard and control very fit thoroughbreds.

Maybe Groom Elite can add an exercise rider class to their program.

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