Sunday, March 18, 2012

The horse is too often forgotten

If you are a prospective thoroughbred racehorse owner considering entering the racing "game", please ask yourself why.

If you don't particularly care for animals, if you don't really care about the beauty and spirit of the thoroughbred horse, or the tradition and spectacle of the racetrack, please reconsider.

If you want to be involved in order to look cool, impress people or feel cool and powerful, please take up a different hobby.

If you want to be involved mainly to use the business losses to offset your income for tax purposes, please do the horses a favor and find another tax shelter.

If you have no experience in horseracing but you want to buy horses so that your son or daughter can fulfill a dream of training racehorses, or worse so you can fulfill your own dream of being a horse trainer, please get yourself or your kid a job as a groom with an old timer trainer instead.

If you have an overpowering desire to win a "title" for most wins in your country or at your local track, please do the horses a favor and find another goal.

If you want to be involved with owning racehorses simply to get inside information to use in betting on races, you're wasting your time and money. Anything can happen to living, breathing horses before, during and after a race, and a bet on a horserace is always going to be the gamble that it's meant to be.

Get involved because you love the pure spirit, heart and beauty of the horses, the sporting and social traditions, the spectacle and excitement of the racetrack. Never forget that it's all about the horses.

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