Friday, June 13, 2008

Changes in racing since 2006

So much has happened since I created this blog in 2006 that I felt I should ask everyone to share their views of how racing has changed in the US in the last couple years.

I can think of several areas of the business that have changed drastically,

1. costs have gone way up for nearly everything - feed, fuel, labor.

2. medication rules, track surfaces, public attention to catastrophic injuries.

3. globalization - influence of Sheik Mohammed of Dubai for instance, US horses traveling abroad to race, and import/export of racing stock to/from the US.

4. racehorse retirement - closing of slaughterhouses in the US has focused attention on this subject.

5. addition of casino style gambling at many US tracks.

I was reading some of the old posts about the cost of owning a racehorse and I wanted to say that from 2006-2008 the costs have all certainly gone up. A $75/day rate for training doesn't seem as high as it did a couple years ago, due to the dramatic increase in the cost of doing business.

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