Monday, October 16, 2006

trainers don't seem to want "green" owners

? It seems like many trainers don't want to spend time with first time owners, I've been brushed off quite a few times when approaching a potential trainer that I'd like to work with.

You should understand that trainers are constantly approached by people who want to get involved but can't or won't put up the funds necessary to get started, and as a result trainers are mostly a cynical bunch I'd say. When they first meet you they have to figure out if you really have the money needed to get started, and that takes a fairly extensive question and answer session to determine. A lot of trainers just don't want to spend the time. So they brush off the average joe owner and concentrate only on acquiring wealthy owners as clients. I think it's important for a trainer to have owners at all levels, because I think the spoiled trainers with owners that pay bills without even looking at them tend to get lazy. Also it's silly for trainers to compete against each other for the limited pool of wealthy owners. It's important to bring new owners into the business at all levels.


Donna Keen said...

We strive to educate new owners. They are the tomorrow of horse racing. And besides, you never know which person will fall in love with the sport and be your best client. We have a first time client that wrote an article about his first win. I posted it to our website. You can read it at Dallas Keen Racing Stables. I love the excitement new owners show. This page is dedicated to first time owners. We are heading to the Fair Grounds in New Orleans. We are looking for horses to claim everyday. My email is on the site. Drop me a note when you can.

racemare said...

I am a 25 year veteran of thoroughbred training. Based here in Canada, i have maintained a small but quality stable. If you are interested in learning more i would be happy to talk with green owners.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you all who are posting here for us new owners and potential owners. As Dallas and Donna wrote up above, you never know which clients will fall in love and be your best. I love horse racing and look forward to becoming an owner. Without the help and knowledge of other owners I wouldn't know anything about owning a thoroughbred. Thank you very much.

Nevada Litfin said...

We are a smaller stable and love including our "green" clients in everything that we do with their horses. We like for them to be there when we work them, we like to have meetings to discuss their plans and our plans for their horse(s) for the upcoming year or just the month. We respect our clients, just like we expect them to respect us in running our business. We love when we race a horse for a first time horse owner. They are so excited and have so much fun with owning. Last year, we won the Minnesota Derby and the Assiniboia Graduation Stakes. We were one race away from having a 2 y/o in the Breeder's Cup.
We are currently in Hot Springs, Arkansas and will be at Oaklawn Park for the race meet. We are always looking for horses to claim and have a bloodstock agent that can purchase horses for us as well. If you are interested, just email us at We are looking forward to talking more with you.