Thursday, September 14, 2006

How are jockeys assigned

? It seems to me that the majority of races at least at Fairmount use mulitple jockeys. That is to say that when you look at the program guide at any given horse and check past performance and races, you can see that different jockeys are used. Is this typical? Isn't it better to have only one or two available jockeys to ride your horse during any race?

How are jockeys assigned and can a request for a given jockey be made? Does trainer and owner have any say so in this area?

- Sometimes the first jockey you pick for a horse ends up not getting along with the horse, it's best to let your trainer evaluate the jockey's ride on the horse and decide whether to stick with that jockey or use another. Also you might not always be able to get the same jockey since he may have committed to ride another horse, in that case you have to pick another. Your trainer should always go over the race with you after it's over and explain everything that is happening in the race. Over time you will be able to see little things that happen in a race by yourself. When a trainer enters a horse he names a jockey to ride. Usually he informs the jockey's agent in advance to make sure the jockey will be available, and at that time the agent makes a verbal commitment to the trainer to let his jockey ride the horse.


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